Making of Vans Kill the line trophies

After presenting to you the partnership Shape bicycles for the Vans Kill the line contest, we have produced a video about the making of the trophies. As with all Shape bicycles products, we like to follow the manufacturing process, this is why; through this video we’ll discover the machining of these trophies awarded the top 3 riders at Peynier during the first weekend of September.

Shape bicycles is partner of the Vans Kill the line

The Vans Kill the line 2012 will be held at the Peynier trail during the first weekend of September; for the first time Shape bicycles is partner of the event. In fact we have worked closely with our rider Bérenger Cordier and his mate Alex Dropsy to design together the trophies for the event. Here some spy photos of these beautiful pieces of metal machining with our sprocket’s manufacturer.
Gravure logo Vans Trophées Kill the line 2012

Trophées Kill the line 2012

Soul magazine 76: Shape riders in the spotlight

The latest issue of French Soul BMX magazine has been available for a week. We are proud to see that the Shape bicycles riders took place in this summer issue. On the first hand, a report about a trail trip that Bérenger Cordier was on board (with Max Bimar and Justin Fouque), on the other hand Jared Ball has a sort of interview in the “Soil sample” section (wrote by Theodore Van Orman). Plus, this 76th issue comes with a video where you can watch our English rider Tom Bond who welcomed Bérenger and his mates at the PSA trail during their trip. As a bonus you will also find the Deluxe DVD – Part deux; as a result don’t hesitate and buy a copy of this issue !
Soul BMX 76

Trail trip UK Jared Ball - Soil sample

Shape bicycles trail jam

15th and 16th of September, Shape bicycles organized a jam at the Run trail; located in northern Brittany. During this event, we’ll be able to meet some of the Shape bicycles riders (Bérenger Cordier and Bruno Abiven), and a booth to discover our products. About riding, all the weekend will be free session, composed of a couple of challenges (best trick, best line, wall ride, skid…) with many prizes to win! Below, find the flyer of the event as well as a video teaser.
Shape bicycles trail jam


Bruno Abiven at the Run trail

Bruno Abiven recently rode the new Run trail. He discovered the line and went high on the different jumps while wearing his signature shirt! Below some photos of the session, which ended with a good BBQ.
Bruno Abiven

Bruno Abiven Bruno Abiven

Berenger Cordier at home

Berenger Corider is preparing the Vans Kill the line contest with his mates of the Peynier trail. Even though, he took time to ride and enjoy the different lines of the trail, which promises the best for the first weekend of September!
Bérenger Cordier Bérenger Cordier

Vans Kill The Line Bérenger Cordier

Tom bond and the PSA marmalade

Tom Bond est de retour sur son BMX après une blessure au poignet ; d’autant plus que la PSA jam se tenait le weekend dernier ! Il a donc pu se faire plaisir et retrouver des sensations en roulant à domicile ; voici une jolie photo de Tom en section avec du style !
Tom Bond, PSA

Top 5 of Shape bicycles riders

We wanted to bring a bit of personality to each profile of our riders on the team page, this is why we asked to the Shape bicycles rider some questions. They had to answer them with their top 5 in term of BMX, countries, videos, websites… Take time to read their answers in order to learn more about their personal tastes.
Top 5

Jared Ball and his signature part

After developing a couple of products in collaboration with our French riders, we are proud to present to you our last collaboration with our American rider – Jared Ball. In fact, Jared wanted to provide a new look at our top load stem with a split cap. This sort of American evolution enables to save barely twenty grams and give possibilities to mix colors like Jared with an anodized black stem and a polished signature split cap. Go to the product page for further information about this product; plus go to the Deluxe BMX website to have a look at the Jared’s bike check.
Jared Ball et sa pièce signature Jared Ball et sa pièce signature

Jared Ball et sa pièce signature

Tom Bond: Shape bicycles rider in England

Shape bicycles team extends his international network, with the addition of another foreign rider who comes from UK ! We present to you Tom Bond, he lives in Salisbury, on the South coast of England ; where he digs and rides at the PSA trail ( watch the shape bicycles video – PSA trails marmelade). Welcome to Tom, who is the youngest Shape bicycles rider and don’t hesitate to have a look at his profile on the riders’ page.
Welcome to the team Tom Bond