Shape bicycles online shop

Shape bicycles products are now available on internet, through our online shop!
In addition to our official dealers (Torch’VTT, Kitchen bike, Banos distro, Ezco), find our stem, sprockets, tee shirts on the online shop at the following address: Shape bicycles online shop
Shape bicycles online shop

The newest information page

Shape bicycles website grows continuously and a new information page is now online instead of the previous dedicated link one. You can find relevant information to contact the Shape bicycles brand (email, phone), where you can buy our products (Shape bicycles online shop, official dealers), while retaining some links from the small world of BMX.

Shape bicycles is supported by EZCO distribution

Shape bicycles is proud to introduce a new partner : EZCO distribution. They already distribute Deluxe BMX, Hoffman bikes, Coalition, Proper; and now give us a hand to develop our network ! You can now find some information about our products, riders and most importantly another way to buy our products;
A big thank you to François ! EZCO Distribution
EZCO Distribution

Shape bicycles in UK : Bonus video

The highlights of the shape bicycles trip were lots of nice encounters, as well as nice BMX sessions on some of the most beautiful trails overseas. But also, this trip was synonymous of simple daily moments, more or less crazy, which are summed up in this Bonus video. Thank you to Stéphane for the edit, and a special dedication to Pat & Peggy !

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Video of the Local trail jam

After making you live the last jam at the Local trail through the report on Soul BMX website, here is the final video of the event, made by Stéphane. Enjoy !!!

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Shape bicycles in UK: Groove BMX and Profile Europe

After sharing our trail sessions in UK (PSA, Woodyard and Burgh Heath), here it’s the edit dedicated to our visits to Groove BMX and Profile Europe. We met real BMX enthusiasts who like beautiful BMX parts and help to develop the scene overseas.
Thank you to Connor @ Groove and Sam @ Profile.

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Local trail jam

The Local trail was THE place that gave birth to Shape bicycles. Lately in September, a jam was hold to honor more than 5 years of digging and riding there. You can read a full report on the website of French Soul BMX magazine.
Soul BMX Experience Jam d'adieu au Local Trail

Shape bicycles is available at Kitchen bike shop

Kitchen bike is the second shop to help Shape bicycles! You can now find our sprockets and stem on the shelves of the kitchen of Saint avé – France. Thanks a lot to Roman and Sébastien : Kitchen bike
Kitchen bike

Green photos of Bérenger Cordier

>Before the Vans Kill the line contest, Alex Baret from Green Fondation has posted some photos of the Peynier trail and its locals: Alex Dropsy, Max Bimar and of course Bérenger Cordier ! Green Alex made a great dedication to Shape bicycles on this photo of the cockpit of Bérenger ! Green Fondation
Green Photos, Bérenger Cordier