Trail session at Austin with Clint and friends

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Update : La Source jam XIV - 09-07-19


Weekend at Mataró - Spain

Our rider Jems Muller and some French trail riders (including our webmaster, Godasse) spent last weekend in Mataró - Spain. They were able to ride the beautiful Lost trail, which is still alive even though it’s planned to be ploughing... It really seems that all these people enjoyed riding these clean and well sculpted jumps, at the same time Ned Smith took some photos (except Godasse's one, from Banos Distro). This trail always offered beautiful photos, with sun, sea in the background, big-ups to David, JR and the locals.


New year, new directions for Shape bicycles

It has been a while since we thought to write this news about developments Shape bicycles has to deal with, but also our aspirations. We finally took time to write these sentences that we had in our head, to somehow take a step back. We must admit that it is the launch of this new website that push us to tackle it.
This reflexion was triggered by several events through 2018. First of all, the shutdown of one of our oldest suppliers (stickers, banners, tee shirts), we had worked together since the beginning, in 2011 ! Fortunately we managed to bounce back and innovate, for stickers we now have printed and cut models and not just cut (thanks to Bérenger for his contact). For tee shirts, we found a contact of choice, in the person of Nitch BMX, once again we changed our production, from flocking to screen printing, giving more freedom to the drawings and better holding in the time.
We also had difficulties making the Mowgly stem and achieving an affordable selling price (we are still working on it). That is the reason why only few prototypes are running currently and the product is still not officially launched.
Another big change in 2018, is the complete overhaul of our sprocket manufacturing process, while developing the new FUSION model. Since 2011, sprockets are designing by us in CAD (Computer Aided Design), since a year, we also programmed machining tool paths on CAM (Computer Aided Machining), which allowed us to integrate even more the manufacturing step. In partnership with one of our suppliers, we imagined and defined a new machining strategy, in order to optimize manufacturing time, facilitate implementation, improve responsiveness in order to answer your requests as much as possible. Finally, all this energy with the goal that sprockets become the speciality and the flagship product of Shape bicycles. We took this opportunity to thank Benoît, who is much more than a supplier, thank you for believing in our products, to be patient and to have the will to support us.
Beyond all these changes, there is a constant in the Shape bicycles adventure, those are the members of our team, our 4 horsmen (reference to Metallica), which has grown over the years. We are happy to be able to count on these people, who are more of a family : Bérenger and Bruno (original members), Jared of the USA and Jeremy the latest addition. We have created a good partnership of exchanges and complementarity, we like to think together about products, logos, and future prospects for Shape bicycles! It is a real pleasure, thanks to them.
In addition to our riders, we have surrounded ourselves with new partners who for the most part are part of the wider cycling community, so likely to understand us better. First, Godasse, a well known French trail rider, who has implemented this new website; Nitch BMX as already mentioned above for our tee shirts, another well known French trail rider. Not to mention our two oldest partners, Benoît (cyclist) for manufacturing our sprockets as said previously, Grégory (mountain biker and triathlete) who manufacturers our stems and barends. After so many changes, it is nice to feel surrounded and supported by passionate people.
Finally, we could not forget our customers, all those people who support Shape bicycles, by buying one of our product. Special though to our foreign customers, who are many to order a part (New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, USA...), we are always very proud to ship a product abroad !
We invite you to browse this new Shape bicycles' website, to read our About page as well as all our content that has been updated.


FUSION sprockets available in black

After receiving our first order of FUSION sprockets some weeks ago, some of them were in anodization stage.
Currently, all our standard sizes (25, 28, 30T) are available either in polished or black anodized.

Black anodized FUSION sprocket

2018 GRO trail video


+800 followers on the Shape bicycles' Instagram account

Shape bicycles's Instagram account +800 followers


2018 PA pilgrimage

To read a full roport about this pilgrimage in PA, written by Ringo and Marco, go to Compression BMX.

Video of the 2018 Banos jam


Products' page : update

In the beginning of this year 2019, we updated our Products' page of our website, following several products that have been launched or modified. By this way, thanks to Aurélien for this update.
Here we will find all the information about our new FUSION sprocket, of which our first batch is being machined ! Plus, we will also find our new tee shirt (short and long sleeves), made by Nitch BMX and featuring our brand new logo HISTORY.
Another update is coming, both for our Products' page and our website itself.