Shape bicycles is a brand based in Brittany, launched in 2011. It was initially created by passion for BMX, for mechanical design and manufacture, but overall for a personal desire for creation. The word Shape means (in French) “forme”, “façonner”; matching very well with our different passions. 

The main idea and challenge for Shape bicycles is to manufacture our products in Brittany, by creating a close connection with our suppliers. By this way, we can closely follow the entire development process as well as the manufacturing of our products. We can even produce them ourselves, when making prototypes or custom requests.

Beyond this idea of staying based in Brittany, we want to create a real collaboration with our customers, whether they are French or foreign, in fact we are very proud to ship our products abroad. Moreover, we also want to create a strong collaboration with our four “hoursemen”: Bérenger, Bruno, Jared and Jeremy, who represent the core and the image of Shape bicycles. With the rhythm of their ideas and of our exchanges, we create products that make us happy, with clean shapes and with unexpected but significant details - Details always make the difference!