Shape bicycles and the Clohars trail crew

Shape bicycles can be proud of the Clohars trail crew, they have supported the brand and its products from day one !
It’s my turn to thank them, on the first hand, Guillaume has just built up a new frame, a FBM Gipsy V2 along with a 25 Shape bicycles sprocket.
On the other hand, JB has just got his signature Shape bicycles tee shirt, with a specific logo called “JB is the best” !?!
Then, Aurélien, who is the Shape bicycles webmaster – whom I thank along the way; here in a full session of mini ramp !

Thanks a lot mates.
Couronne Shape sur FBM Couronne Shape sur FBM Couronne Shape sur FBM
Mini JB is the Best

Shape bicycles and the Torch’VTT shop

Shape bicycles extends its network through a partnership with the Torch’VTT shop in Quimper – Brittany ! This shop will be an official dealer and an ambassador of Shape bicycles, where we can immediately find our sprocket and stem.
Torch'VTT, revendeur officiel de la marque Shape Bicycles Torch'VTT, revendeur officiel de la marque Shape Bicycles

Shape trail trip : PSA trail jam video

During the Shape bicycles trail trip in England, our first riding session was at the PSA trail jam. A full white spot, with good sized jumps and a chilled atmosphere !
Thanks to the locals for their warm welcoming and enjoy the video of the session below.

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Bérenger on the top

The contest Vans kill the line contest came well this weekend, and the least we can say is that Bérenger honored his work as well as Shape bicycles, as he finished third !
Congratulations to him for this achievement and especially to organize such a quality event.
Bérenger Cordier

The Vans kill the line

The contest Vans kill the line contest is going to take place at Peynier this weekend, and we can say that there are some famous riders : Cory Nastazio, Kye Forte, TJ Ellis, Mark Potoczny, Mark Mulville, Dusan Antalik, Lima, Matt Priest… Our Shape bicycles rider, Bérenger Cordier managed to have some rides in addition to organization !
Bérenger Cordier, Toboggan Seatgrab Bérenger Cordier, 3-6 Bérenger Cordier, Backflip

Back from England

Shape bicycles made a trail trip in England during 10 days, from 12th to 21 of August.
After visiting many trails (ex: Winchester, PSA, Epsom, Woodyard…etc.), and spread the word about the brand across the Channel, we are back to France ! A full report will be launched on Lifetrail Webzine this weekend, and some videos of each trail we visited are going to be edited !
To wait, here it is a teaser of our trip overseas (made by Pef).
Trail trip UK 2011

Trail trip UK 2011 Trail trip UK 2011

Trail trip UK 2011 Trail trip UK 2011

Trail trip UK 2011 Trail trip UK 2011


Summer sessions

Shape bicycles riders from Brittany took advantage of nice weather and enjoyed some good sessions at the Local trail, Clohars trail and Pef’s backyard. Have a look at some photos on the LifeTrail webzine.
JB The Best

Bérenger Cordier and The Vans kill the line

The contest Vans kill the line contest has been hold at Peynier for 3 years now; is almost here, 3th and 4th September. Bérenger Cordier, Shape bicycles rider and organizer with the “Peynier trail association” give us an overview of the trail.
Vans Kill The Line Bérenger, creusage

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Shape bicycles – Trail trip in England

A one week trip in England is scheduled for Shape bicycles, to visit friends and some of the finest trails across the channel: Epsom, Winchester, Woodyard, Villij…etc. Stay tuned !
Trails d'Angleterre - Première photo Trails d'Angleterre - Seconde photo Trails d'Angleterre - Troisième photo

Westminster Station

How to order ?

Shape bicycles website hasn’t provided an online shop yet, so you can order by email at contact@shape-bicycles.fr