PA trail trip - Video by Gillian


Welcome Thelm Cordier

We are happy to introduce to you the daughter of our rider Bérenger Cordier. In fact he became father of Thelma, she was born on January 31st 2018 at 1.52am, she weights 3,26kg.
Congratulations to Bérenger and obviously to the new mother !
Welcome Thelma

Bike check - Bérenger Cordier

Our rider Bérenger Corider sent us some photos of his new BMX which he just built up. He now rides with a Tall order frame, obviously assembled with Shape bicycles parts !
Bérenger rides with a top load OG stem with a one piece cap, at last but not least his signature giro tab. He also has a prototype of the next generation of sprocket - 25T (not the final design).
Bérenger Cordier - Bike check 2018 Bérenger Cordier - Bike check 2018

Bérenger Cordier - Bike check 2018 Bérenger Cordier - Bike check 2018

The Mowgly stem - Shape bicycles's Tribute

During the end of last year, the whole Shape bicycles team has worked together on designing a new top load stem. Based on an idea of Jeremy Muller, who wanted a higher model (+10mm compared to the OG top load) with a different design compared to the current Shape bicycles ones.
Within the creative process, we have been shocked and devastated to find out the passing of our friend Denis "Mowgly" Darbeau. Obviously deeply affected by his loss, we thought it would make sense to dedicate this stem as a tribute to his memory. So we named it the Mowgly stem and we decided to engrave his nickname around the steerer tube.
A first batch of prototypes will be machined early 2018. So, the Shape bicycles team riders will be able to test this new special stem and in the process, to keep alive the memory of our lost friend through their riding.
The Mowgly stem - Shape bicycles' tribute The Mowgly stem - Shape bicycles' tribute

The Mowgly stem - Shape bicycles' tribute

The travel of Jeremy Muller and Nathalie

Our rider Jeremy Muller and his girlfriend Nathalie have planned a trip of six months around the world, their main goal are the change of scenery and the discovery of different cultures; below the description of the trip by Jeremy :
"We take off on January 12th in direction of the South Island of New Zealand where I hope to be able to ride at Gorge road Trails and the spot of the FarmJam, unfortunately when the jam will be held, we will already heading to the North island of New Zealand to find some English friends and maybe ride the legendary PMP Trails.
Once the first month in New Zealand is complete, we will head to Perth in Western Australia, to take part of the HVT jam with our friends Glen, both Trav. Seb and meet the Cernotta brothers. At this point, we will be on the Australian territory for three months, taking the road on the South and East coast until Carins. We plan to ride at Adelaide with Ryan Lloys, Melbourne and Sidney to see our friends Beubeu, Podol, Dillsy, Will Kerr, Jimmy and eventually ride few spots on the way. Not forgetting to go to Tasmania and see the friends from Backbone in Canberra. Then we meet our friend Tim Weeks round Brisbane, he will guide us.
Then we go to Japan for a dozen of days and hopefully have a session with the Crawfish Satoski Enda.
Over the remaining two months, destinations will be Bali, Lombok, Gili, Sulawesi, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Not really bike riding planned on these countries.
Find below a map of their trip.
Map of the trip of Jeremy Muller and his girlfriend

Villaroad video - The same bloody place


Shape bicycles' wishes

Happy new year and Merry Christmas

Down for life video - 2017


Bike check - Bruno Abiven

Our local rider Bruno Abiven sent us some photos of his current BMX. He rides with a Fit Hartbreaker frame in 21, assembles with parts from S&M, Profile racing, Odyssey and obviously Shape bicycles !
Bruno rides with a front load team stem, with the particularity to built it upside down (to be higher). He also has the first prototype of the next generation of sprocket - 28T (not the final design), his own signature bar ends in black, at last but not least the very rare Shape bicycles seat clamp ! Noticed that almost every bolt is in titanum, the ultimate touch...
USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine