UK Shape bicycles trail trip - 2016

Shape bicycles has always been attracted by UK, after a life experience of severals months a couple of years ago, and obviously for its rich and strong trail scene.
After a year without a trip overseas, our local rider Bruno and I have planned a week to discover the most beautiful trails in UK.
We will take the ferry at Roscoff, July 30, with a first stop scheduled in Bristol in order to visit our friend Pompom. Then we will head to the large suburb of London (Epsom, Leatherhead...), then further North (Woodyard, Villij, Brighouse...), while stopping along the way to some concret bowls, indoor skateparks and some BMX shops !
Shape bicycles UK trail trip 2016

The Gro trail jam - 2016

For the second time in a row, Shape bicycles went to the Gro trail jam, in Normandy (north of France), during the first weekend of July. Bruno and myself arrived on friday evening, in order to enjoy the whole weekend there.
Unfortunately, as the previous jam, we woke up in the rain on Saturday morning, even if we had serious doubts, we had a good session at the end of the day, we really appreciate the new line with its famous and massive hip !
After this session with few riders, due to weather conditions, the party took place around the hut of the trail; where friendly ladies offered sndwiches and cakes, thank you to her ! After some funny games for some, it was time to rest and again, we woke up in the rain... No hope of riding this time, so we decided to take the road back to Brittany.
Thank you to Gilian, his brother and Vince, locals of the Gro trail for this good jam !
Gro trail jam 2016 Gro trail jam 2016

Gro trail jam 2016 Gro trail jam 2016

Gro trail jam 2016 Gro trail jam 2016

Shape bicycles at the 2016 Hellfest

At last, Shape bicycles was able to go to the Hellfest for the first time, which will stay in memory for sure ! After several attempts to get tickets, we finally obtain the precious one for the 2016 edition... We composed a team of almost 10 people who are passionate about music, which took the road on thursday, June 16th; the night before the beginning of the event in order to obtain access to the festival and install our camp.
Instead of writing a summary band by band, we prefer to highlight the site of the festival and its very specific and appreciable atmosphere. It's even the whole city of Clisson (close to Nantes) that lives to the rhythm of metal music for 3 days. The decor and layout of the site is simply superb and well thinking (especially when you cross for the first time the doors of the cathedral of hell…), with several sculptures and well decorated areas to the last detail… Everything is thinking with passion, to make everyone fell good and to honor the music !
Without to forget the tribute to Lemmy - Motorhead, with the coming of guitarist of the band and a video of their show at the 2015 Hellfest; mainly an anthology fireworks !
An experience that must be live and we strongly recommend you to try and you will certainly adopt !!
Hellfest 2016 Hellfest 2016

Welcome to the Hellfest RIP LEMMY - Hellfest 2016

Hellfest 2016 Hellfest 2016

Hellfest 2016 Hellfest 2016

Hellfest 2016 Hellfest 2016

TEAM - Hellfest 2016

Uptdated : Hasta luego jam at the Burck trail - 2016

Last weekend was held the first trail jam of the season, at the Burck trail at Bordeaux. We already had de the pleasure to discover this trail last year, during our trail trip, obviously we couldn't miss this event, which also allowed to celebrate the departure of one of the main digger to Mexico.
Unfortunately, only our rider Bruno Aviven and his friend "T" managed to make the trip. The Burck crew worked a lot on the trail, every line was rebuilt after winter, to the delight of the many riders who came (note the sytlish Andoni who rode very well, the Spanish rider is a true globe troter...).
Below, some photos took by Fabien Loaec.
Bruno Abiven at the Burck jam T at the Burck jam

The Burck jam The Burck jam

Gilian at the Burck jam Andoni at the Burck jam

Bruno Abiven at the Burck jam

A girl at the Burck jam

New Shape bicycles sprockets

Sprocket was the first products designed and manufactured ever by Shape bicycles, during the creation of the brand in 2011.
After several years and tens of sprockets produced, we have decided to change our produtct. We added removing material, in order to highlight machining work and to get a better appearance.
We have ordered a first batch of sprockets (25, 28 and 30T), both in standard 19mm and spline 19mm. By the way we keep a surprise for you, with a special sprocket... Any idea ??
Before showing photos of real prototypes, here is a 3D preview of the new Shape bicycles sprocket (30T).
New Shape bicycles sprocket - Here in spline version New Shape bicycles sprocket - Here in 19MM

Some news from Bérenger Cordier (FR) and Jared Ball (USA)

In this beginning of 2016, our two "non local" riders ride, despite the winter season.
Bérenger takes advantage of the climat from Southern France, by the way a big session took place at the Peynier trail lately, with Dropsy, Béou, Moana and others... Please note that the Vans Kill the line will be back in 2016 !
On the other side of the Atlantic, Jared Ball takes advantage of indoor skateparks, like the Rays MTB one. So, he makes roadtrips with his brother and friends, for warm sessions !
I let you discover some photos below, waiting for the return of spring for more riding from Brittany.
Bérenger Cordier - Flip x-up - Peynier trail Bérenger Cordier - Nac seat grab - Peynier trail

BJared Ball - Scrub Rays BJared Ball - On the road to Rays

Soul magazine 88 - French BMX project

Lately, we spoke of few BMX magazines which continue to be printed, this is the case of the French Soul BMX, their latest issue 88 has been available in several shops for a week.
We wish to highlight this issue, especially the article about their project of BMX built up with only French components; Shape bicycles obviously take part of it by providing a polished top load OG stem. We advise you to read this article and support brands which participated in this project, also follow this French BMX which will be tested in several shops, and it will be to win!
We noticed another interesting article, entilted "The parenthesis" (written by Fanch Vuillemin), speaking about Trail culture, we also advise you to read it.
French Soul BMX magazine issue 88

French Soul BMX magazine issue 88

French Soul BMX magazine issue 88

Shape bicycles wishes

One more year for Shape bicycles, which will celebrate its 5 years of existence in 2016! First of all, 2015 was highlighted by the return of the Shape bicycles jam at the RUN trail, an event which meant pleasure and friends!
We also traveled a lot through France this year, with a trail trip in south west in May, the GRO tail jam in July, a trip to Paris in November.
About products, we were finally able to produce our first spline drive sprockets, make our first black anodized parts, create a new tee shirt and logo in partnership with a local tattoo artist.
We want to thank again our customers, our riders and our friends who continue to support and believe in Shape bicycles, a huge thank you !

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2016 !
A merry christmas and a happy new year 2016

Endless magazine and Andrew Thomson

In recent years, BMX magazines hardly exist, with the end of several French and English magazines. Fortunately, French passionates from Soul carry on making printed magazine, recently imitated by a newcomer in England, Endless magazine.
Shape bicycles got a copy of this first issue, which is a small format printed on recycled paper, with beautiful photos and all available for free ! We can only support these two magazines that persist and make the BMX press live (without to forget Ride BMX in the USA).
We are also pleased to see a photo of our friend Andrew "Inch" Thomson from Woodyard trail (UK), who appears on an advertising for the Villaroad brand, in this very first issue of Endless; pleased not that Andrew rides with a 30T Shape bicycles sprocket.
Andrew Inch Thomson in the fist issue of Endless magazine Endless magazine

Video of the 2015 Shape bicycles jam

The Shape bicycles jam was held at the end of August, at the Run which is the headquarters of the brand from Brittany. Like every year, we make a video of the event, it is with a bit of delay that we publish it right now.
Our own videographer, PEF, was again in charge of filming and editing the video - by the way we thank him for that.
We let you watch the video with a good song of Slayer !