RIP Mowgly

We have known the sad new about the death of the trail rider Mowgly (previous Momo trail, Dog's trail).
We met him in Spain, during the Lost trai jam last month, we planned to visit him next year...
Below, some photos on a trail in Brittany in 2010, when Mowgly visited us; he really had a good and smooth riding !
Our best and sincere thoughts to his loved ones.
RIP Mowgly RIP Mowgly

Bike check - Bruno Abiven

Our local rider Bruno Abiven sent us some photos of his current BMX. He rides with a Fit Hartbreaker frame in 21, assembles with parts from S&M, Profile racing, Odyssey and obviously Shape bicycles !
Bruno rides with a front load team stem, with the particularity to built it upside down (to be higher). He also has the first prototype of the next generation of sprocket - 28T (not the final design), his own signature bar ends in black, at last but not least the very rare Shape bicycles seat clamp ! Noticed that almost every bolt is in titanum, the ultimate touch...
USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trip - MorvAntoine

Our friend Antoine from Normandy - North west of France, was lucky enough to make a trip in the USA. We asked to him to write a summary of his travel, here are his words !
USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

USA trail trip by Antoine USA trail trip by Antoine

Lost trail jam - Spain trip

The trail season has been extended this year thanks to our Spanish friends from the Lost trail, Mataro; they organized their first jam last weekend (4-11-17). We never rode BMX so late in the season, until early November, we never saw that as people from Brittany !
Shape bicycles took the road Thursday night, with Bruno and myself. At the departure, the satnav showed a journey of 11h, on the road, Jems Muller invited us for a session at la Source the next day, it will take 4 hours less of driving. After a cold night in the van parked on a highway stop, we arrived in Toulouse in the late morning, where we met some locals (Thomas and Justin), as well as our friend PJ from Bristol and his friend Mark Taylor. It was very nice to be able to ride the trail quietly (in comparison to the crowd during the jam), we took advantage of Lombric line to warm up, then the new Donut, which rides well especially on these two hips at the beginning of the line, very nice !
The next day, November 4, after a pizza party in Toulouse, we took the road to Spain with the same crew of yesterday; despite black clouds in the Pyrenees, we arrived at Mataro with a beautiful sun, early in the afternoon, no stop at the sex center of la Joncquera, maybe on the road back to France!?! At the trail, the jam has already started, with music, BBQ, all the usual trail riders are there from the four corners of France (Urkatu, Pipe et Dog’s, Gro, Pinard…) and foreigners too, including some “pro riders” like Mike Saavedra, Stephan Lantschner...
The Lost trail is surrounded by buildings on one side and church on the other, it is like a free space of dirt that survives from Urbanization. The trail has existed for more than fifteen years, legally on a private land that the locals rent; this is why tee-shirts were on sale to help them. The place is nice, the plants remind us that we are not in France, with view on sea as a bonus !
We took part of the session quickly, we rode the small lines that are in parallel and join for a common end, it is not difficult and we had fun quickly. Progressively, riders were heading towards the big line, composed almost of hips, it is a beautiful piece of dirt art with the over vert berm (or the wave) and the sort of berm / quarter pipe at the end, which allows to link turns to infinity (our friend Antoine from Normandy, got the record…). Everyone took his mark, transfers were sent on the small lines, beautiful inverts and lookbacks on the hips of the big line, the cherry on the cake was the alley hoop of Mike Saavedra on the berm / quarter pipe, very technical.
In the late afternoon, the clouds arrived with thunder too, we joined force to cover the trail. On our side, we went to eat before returning to the trail to enjoy the campfire, when the rain stopped.
Sunday, November 5, we woke up with the sun, chilling morning with a walk in the center of Mataro and especially a swim in the Mediterranean sea, so nice ! A lot of riders left due to the weather, but after some maintenance, the trail was partly ready to ride (start of the small lines and the whole big one). The session started, it was a pleasure to ride with a small crew, no queue at the start and with PJ as official photographer. Everyone warmed up on the small line, Jems rode with the 22-inch BMX of PJ (a Deluxe one obviously) and threw some tricks, along with Mike Saavedra who made the show. We then went to the big line, but the bodies were tired and the rain was around the corner, the session was finally short.
At the end of te afternoon, we took the road back to France, still no stop at la Joncquera, the journey was long. We spent the evening in Toulouse, but soon everyone will sleep.
Monday, November 6, after a walk through the boulangerie with PJ (French culinary art...) Bruno and I took the road back to Brittan, 9 hours of driving, but we made a stop to eat at Clisson, on the site of the Hellfest !
This trip was very pleasant, with a good crew, some beautiful trails and some luck with weather, we have to renew this trip asap !
La Source session 2017 La Source jam 2017

La Source session 2017 Lost trail jam 2017

Lost trail jam 2017 Lost trail jam 2017

Lost trail jam 2017 Lost trail jam 2017

Lost trail jam 2017 Lost trail jam 2017

Lost trail jam 2017

Jay Lonergan intervew


Catty Woods Halloween jam 2017


The Source jam by Jems Muller

Our rider from Toulouse, Jems Muller, wrote a report about the La Source trail jam, the twelfth, sit down comfortably and ejoy his text.
Full translation is in the pipe...
La Source jam 2017

La Source jam 2017 La Source jam 2017

La Source jam 2017

+600 followers on Shape bicycles' Instagram account

+600 followers on Instagram

Banos trail jam and Birthday party

Shape bicycles was in Les Landes area last weekend, to take part of the Banos trail jam, in order to celebrate the 40th birthday of Marc and the 20th birthday of the trail ! The arrival at Banos is special, the town is located on a small mountain with a nice landscape of the surrounding countryside; especially after crossing the National Landes parc, which is totally flat and full of pines as far as the eyes can see.
On the spot, the whole trail was already without tarp, it's beautiful and impressive, mainly the new jump of the year, called the boomerang ! Lots of people were already there, friends from Normandy, from South, from Anglet, the Belgium crew, Sapnish, Dutch, Germans... The midday BBQ was ending up, we swept and put water on the trail, the session would begin; the first one in my case even if I have already came to Banos.
The Belgian rider Foerske was the first to start riding, on the second run, the line was validated. Everyone shyly took part of the session, in fact the jumps are scary, until the moment of a German crashed on the famous « Hip de la muerte », he finished his day at the emergency; as a result, everyone took a break to recover. The session got back up, gradually everyone got pleasure and looked happy, in my case I rode well and validated the line until this famous hip, massive sensation, a bit scary at first ! The highlight of the day is Foerske who tried and validated the boomerang jump; not to mention Titou who crashed and got a low rider handle bar, fortunately without injury.
At the end of the day, we had a good evening with a small crew (in some way the warm-up birthday party).

Saturday morning, I woke up with the nose of the rain, se we concentrated on organizing Marc’s birthday party (the main one this time) : preparation of the room rented for the occasion, sound and DJ, put in place the photos exhibition which retraced the history of the trail, assembly the Shape bicycles display, preparation of the fire for the evening « méchoui ». Many people arrived during the day, from BMX (Jems and the Pinch and roll tour riders ; PJ, Josh, some Australian, Hugo Beldame…) as well as some friends and Marc's family members. During the day, there will be a tentative of removing the tarp on the trail and prepare the line, until the rain will definitely stop the most motivated riders.
Due to the weather, the birthday party started earlier, in a good general atmosphere. In my case, I took the long road back to Brittany during the evenig, letting this troop finishing the party and well celebrated the birthdays in question.
A big thanks to Marc for his welcoming and giving access to his beautiful trail.
Banos trail jam Banos trail jam

Banos trail jam Banos trail jam

Banos trail jam Banos trail jam

Banos trail jam Banos trail jam

Banos trail jam Banos trail jam

Banos trail jam

The twelve la Source trail jam

This weekend will be hold the annual jam at la Source trail at Toulouse, the twelve edition ! Our rider Jems Muller and the locals worked hard last winter, as mentioned in a previous news, they changed the whole Donut section, one of their famous line.
The program is simple and the same as every year : riding, some watering obviously, BBQ, concert on Saturday night and a photo exhibition, from our English friend PJ Turns, who is good at making photos.
Rendez-vous at Toulouse on 2nd and 3rd September.
The twelve la Source jam - 2&3 September 2017