Sample bicycle shop: Shape bicycles dealer

A new shop comes to complete the Shape bicycles network: Sample bicycle, localized at Hyères (south of France) is now an official dealer. We can find all our products, including our newest bar ends. A big thank to Rémy for his support and his passion for BMX.
Sample bicycle shop Sample bicycle shop

The bar ends of Bruno Abiven

A new product comes to complete the Shape bicycles range for 2012; the Bruno Abiven signature bar ends ! In fact we developed this product in collaboration with Bruno, our local rider from Brittany; these bar ends were drawn with the same design as the Skyway wheels, so they obviously match our sprockets !
To discover this new product, have a look at the products’ page; or, on the BMX union website to know the whole process of development of this new Shape bicycles signature part !
Bar ends Shape Bicycles

Shape bicycles stems

It’s sales season, this is why we offer to you the raw Shape bicycles stem at 79,90€ instead of 94,90€.
On the other hands, we have just received a new batch of black anodized stems, on sales at 89,90€, for those who prefer discretion while having a beautiful parts made in France !
Soldes Shape Bicycles

Local trail jam video

The new 2012 year has just begun, winter is still here and riding is still not possible for further months.
This is why, a good trail video should be nice to watch, so here is another video of the last Local trail jam, edited by Pierre Gouret. Enjoy !

Télécharger la vidéo

Shape bicycles – new logo for 2012

The main value of the French brand Shape bicycles is to develop and manufacture BMX parts in France.
This is the reason we wanted to emphasize this commitment to France through a meaningful logo.
Below, this is our new 3 colours logo for the New Year ahead, in the same time we wish you the best on and off your BMX
Nouveau logo Shape Bicycles

Soul bmx magazine - product issue

French magazine Soul bmx is used to publish a special product issue at the end of each year, which enables everyone to choose their next parts for the new year ! However, this year they chose to evolve following the digital revolution as they publish their 2012 issue online.
You’ll find all parts available on the BMX market, including the Shape bicycles parts for the first time in this unique guide in France.
Guide Soul BMX

The gyro plate of Bérenger Cordier

Shape bicycles has just developed a new part in collaboration with Bérenger Cordier, our rider from the Peynier trail. In fact, Bérenger uses a gyro, this is why we decided to make him a gyro plate which matches our stem. To discover this new product, have a look at the Bérenger’s bike check on the Soul magazine website, you will learn more about this first signature product of the Shape bicycles range.
Plaque rotor Shape Bicycles Plaque rotor Shape Bicycles

Jared Ball: Shape bicycles rider in the USA

Shape bicycles team grows currently, with the addition of the first foreign rider who comes from the USA !
We are so proud to present to you Jared Ball, who lives in the state of Michigan, on the East cost of the USA;
where he is used to shred every trail with his brother Jeremy and the Life? crew.
Welcome to Jared and have a look at his profile on the riders’ page.
Jared Ball

Shape bicycles online shop

Shape bicycles products are now available on internet, through our online shop!
In addition to our official dealers (Torch’VTT, Kitchen bike, Banos distro, Ezco), find our stem, sprockets, tee shirts on the online shop at the following address: Shape bicycles online shop
Shape bicycles online shop

Shape bicycles is available from Banos Distro

Shape bicycles parts are now available on Banos distro website, who already distributes for France some different brands such as PA woods, Vinyl, Life?, Vigilantia, Case mag, The Albion mag…
A new partner for Shape bicycles so a big thank you to Marc ! Banos Distro
Banos Distro