Shape bicycles in UK

We are really pleased to announce you that an English BMX shop is now selling the Shape bicycles products ! In fact, Insanity BMX shop is about to open in the South west of England in the town of Taunton (not far from Exeter); they feel the need to offer something new to the English riders thanks to the Shape bicycles products.
Thank you to Justin @ Insanity for his insterest in our produtcts and feel free to visit this new shop.
Insanity BMX Insanity BMX

New tee shirt and logo Bruno Abiven signature

A new signature product is going to be added to the Shape bicycles range, in the clothing one.
We designed with Bruno Abiven his tee shirt, creating a totally new logo and a new visual identity too. This tee shirt will be available in long sleeves and black only. Find further information on the BMX Union website.
Le nouveau Teeshirt Shape, signature Bruno Abiven

Innovate in Brittany - Shape bicycles

Brittany is dynamic in term of projects as explained the “Innovate in Brittany” magazine each month. You can read an article through their website about Shape bicycles and the touch of innovation we give to our products.
Innover en Bretagne

Welcome to Caroline Robin Ball

We are proud and happy to announce the birth of Caroline Robin Ball !
Congrats to our rider Jared Ball and obviously his wife Amy, for this happy event !
Welcome to Caroline Robin Ball

New issue of ART BMX magazine

The latest issue of French ART BMX magazine is available on the shelves. Do not hesitate to get a copy of this issue #7, you could read an article about Shape bicycles, more specifically about the process of development of our signature parts with our riders.
ART Mag'

Figuré BMX : the 1st issue is available

After presenting to you the new French magazine - Figuré BMX, we are pleased to inform you that the first issue is available ! Get this spring issue in BMX shops and skateparks, to discover many different sections that composed of this new free BMX magazine !
Figuré BMX

Shape bicycles – product manufacturing video

Shape bicycles keeps a close relationship with his manufacturers. Thanks to this proximity, we wanted to show you some images of the manufacturing of our products !
Enjoy this video to see the machining of our sprockets and the engraved stage of the stem.
Thank you to Grégory and Charles – our respective manufacturers to stems and sprockets, as well as Stéphane to make this video.

Figuré BMX : new free magazine

Figuré BMX is a new comer in term of magazine, whilst bringing a new thing; in fact it will be free and available in shops, skateparks, events !
Each issue will highlight one of the four seasons of the year (4 issues per year), illustrated with clean photos and printed on environmentally friendly paper in France. The first issue will be due out the day of spring, March 21st !
Figuré BMX

Bérenger is back on his BMX

Bérenger Cordier has been back on his bike after suffering some injuries lately last year. His first session took place at his own trail at Peynier; such a good session. He took the opportunity to film some lines with an onboard camera, enjoy !

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