Autumn sessions at the Ball brother’s trail

Jared and Jeremy Ball can enjoy having their own trail in the garden of their parent; which ensures continuity and obviously peace. Lately, they have taken advantage of their several lines during this famous trail season – autumn. Lots of photos were taken during these different sessions, as a result they published a selection of the best shots on the website BMX union in order to share - Enjoy ! Link: photogallery Ball's trail
Jared Ball - Tunrdown on the big line Jared Ball had style on the big line

Jared Ball - table bahind a cornfield Jeremy Ball had style on the first jump

Collector magazines

A bit of reading enable us to deal with the poor weather at the moment; here are two BMX magazines which are very interesting. American Ride BMX as well as English Dig BMX have published collector issue dedicated to the legends of BMX riders. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Rider BMX choose the 20 most influential riders from the past 20 years of riding, on the other hands Dig BMX choose 4 riders to realise massive interviews of them: Ruben Alcantara, Brian Forster, Joe Rich and Van Homan, each with a dedicated cover ! Take time to have an insight into these articles and interviews which are about past, present and future of BMX ! Shape bicycles approved !
Ride BMX 20th anniversary Dig BMX legends issue

Berenger Cordier in UK

We have already written a new about Berenger Cordier’s trip with Max Bimar and Justin Fouque in UK at the beginning of the summer. A very nice article written by Max (organizer of the journey) was published in issue 76 of French Soul BMX, showing you a couple of English trails like Winchester, PSA, Wisley, Leatherhead and Epsom. Here is the video of the journey, made by Patrcik Best (Deluxe’s filmer), we’ll also appreciate our English rider – Tom Bond while a session at his home trail – enjoy !

Red anodized stem

We have recently met a specific need of a rider, in fact our webmaster – Aurélien. He wanted an anodized stem in order to match his beautiful black and red S&M CW. Here are a couple of photos of its unique “French made” stem which fits perfectly this “American made bicycles” !
La potence Shape bicycles anodisée rouge La potence Shape bicycles anodisée rouge

Video of the Shape bicycles jam

Here is the video of the Shape bicycles jam ! A couple of weeks ago, the event was held at the Run trail, team members of the Shape bicycles enjoyed the line, like all locals riders who attended the event. Take time to watch this edit made by Stéphane from Trail fever.


Shape bicycles and the Garden party of Anibal trail

Shape bicycles was invited to the “garden party” organised by Theline website at the Anibal trail of La Chapelle Caro (56), last weekend. We obviously took part at this event, we were able to present our products while enjoying the trail and the relax atmosphere. Many local riders came to the trail to enjoy the garden party, not to mention the concert held at the evening in order to end the day well.
Stéphane à la trail Garden party - Theline

The Shape bicycles jam report

A week ago the Shape bicycles jam was hold, after getting all photos of the event, you can now find a full report on Lifetrail webzine. A video is in the making in order to appreciate more this event at the Run trail, before that, here are some riding photos of the Shape bicycles team !
Bérenger Cordier en flip sur le dernier jump Bruno Abiven en turndown sur le dernier jump

Shape bicycles jam - great

The Shape bicycles jam took place at the Run trail last weekend, under a bright sun ! This event was a success; many people came to the trail and its specific atmosphere, as riders or simply as spectators. A full report will be online soon, as well as many photos (thanks a lot to Antoine and Yoann), which allows you to enjoy the flavour of this first event at the Run trail.
La soirée de la Shape bicycles jam au coin du feu

Shape bicycles jam - information

As we’ve known for a couple of months, the Shape bicycles jam will be hold at the Run trail this weekend. Organizers are busy, with fixing details on the jumps, adding a touch of style to the trail, make the Shape bicycles stand without forgetting the riders area. Take note that a BBQ will be available on Saturday evening, a fire will warm the atmosphere and the evening will be without alcohol; at last camping isn’t possible on the trail (lots of houses nearby), as a result make your arrangement outside the spot. See you at the Run trail this weekend : September 15th and 16t; some riders are impatient as we can see on the photo below…
Un rider impatient de découvrir le Run trail

Podium of the Vans Kill the line contest

Lots of reports about the Vans Kill the line contest are available on the web, so you can find our gallery of pictures on Lifetrail-Webzine. In addition, here are some photos of the podium and the Shape bicycles trophies given to the first three riders; thanks to Fabien Conry (Figuré BMX), Hadrien Picard and Vincent Perraud (Soul BMX) for these pictures.
Trophée du vainqueur by Hadrien Picard Podium du Vans Kill the line by Fabien Conry

Podium du Vans Kill the line by Vincent Perraud