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Brighouse jam - Must be watched


La Source jam 2018 - 13rd edition

La Source jam 2018 - 13rd edition

Weekend in Paris

A little Shape bicycles crew went to Paris last weekend, composed of M & Ms Wheels as well as Bruno.
Several reasons motive us to take the road to Paris : the Download festival, the Buffalo trail and the fact to give to Pierre, the first ever Mowgly stem.
After spending Friday with music (Eluveitie, Ghost, Ozzy...), we spent our Saturday with the Buffalo crew, who was in full preparation for the upcoming jam next weekend. We were so happy to give personally this stem to Pierre, who directly built it up on his BMX.
Back to music on Saturday night for some (Avatar, The Offspring, Manson...), BMX session for others, this weekend was a success, with lots of fun and sun !

Mowgly stem - Spy photos

We are very proud to show you those first photos of the Mowgly stem, which are currently in machining.
The Shape bicycles riders and mainly Mowgly's brother can't wait for building up this new stem on their BMX !!
The first photos of the upcoming Mowgly stem he first photos of the upcoming Mowgly stem

Clint Reynolds - S&M bikes DVD

The video part of Clint Reynolds in the latest S&M DVD "Hot dogs who can't read" !!

+700 followers on Shape bicycles' Instagram account

Shape bicycles's Instagram account +700 followers

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